The majority of my landscape photography has been undertaken in the UK, which has a great deal of variety and interest to offer. Some of the photographs are from iconic locations but I also seek out sites that are less well known and hence with fewer people around! In particular I enjoy being in remote locations - for me, all part of the joy of landscape photography - to take in the atmosphere of the environment and in anticipation of experiencing those special moments and light conditions.

I have become interested in sports photography including baseball, indoor cycling, greyhound racing and slalom water events. The gallery shows a selection of images from these sports events. Sports photography provides different challenges to landscape photography, particularly as the subjects are moving and sometimes at great speed!

Travel is a strong interest of mine, experiencing new cultures and meeting people in foreign lands in their own environment. Before I became interested in serious photography I visited many overseas countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Included in the gallery are images from my photographic trips to India, Morocco, Iceland, Vietnam, Scotland, Germany and Valencia, where I visited the City of Arts and Sciences, which is a truly magnificent location.

All photographs on my website are