Landscape, travel and sports photography

I had a long career as a chartered civil engineer [FICE], including 10 years living and working in Africa. I have been fortunate to have worked on numerous civil engineering projects worldwide, travelled to many countries and met, and worked with, interesting and talented people. As I enjoy the great outdoors, landscape photography has enabled me to continue that experience and record through my photography the beauty of our environment. Photography is a great means of communication for personal experiences in travel.

My favourite photographic genre is landscape and I draw inspiration from leading professionals. The view has been expressed by professionals that instead of trying to develop, or copy, a particular style let the style come to you - I hope that this is taking place as my photography progresses.

One of the joys that I experience in landscape photography is to soak up the atmosphere of the environment and enjoy the moment; never to be repeated - it is more than just a photograph. It is my ambition to travel to more remote locations and also to have an exhibition of my work.

I have become interested in sports photography and have attended various events.


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